Starting kindergarten is surely a very important moment in the life of your child. The good news is that kindergarten does not have to be a bad experience for anyone. Children pick up cues about how to act from you. If you are positive, calm and optimistic about your child going to kindergarten, then your child will be just fine. To minimize separation anxiety, it is important to prepare your child for it as much as we can. Talk about kindergarten some time earlier before they go there – about their habits, fine things that happen there, lots of friends. Keep telling your child how exciting and wonderful this experience will be. Come and visit Tęczowa Kraina FILOMATY and take part in our adaptation days in August, where you and your child can play and learn together in the new surroundings, get to know the teachers, play with the new toys and make new friends. This will make the first days easier for you both! It is also important for your child to become self-reliant in the toilet, while eating dinner, brushing teeth or getting dressed or undressed. And when you finally get to kindergarten, keep it short and stay calm. Hug your child and say something nice. Tell them the real time you’re going to pick them up. Then smile and walk away. Do not hesitate when you leave and be prepared for the fact that your child might cry and be upset. You can always ask the teacher to take the child from you. The longer it takes to say goodbye to your child, the harder it’s going to be for everyone. And dear Parent - in case you’re likely to be soft on that day – you better choose your stronger partner to leave the child in kindergarten! 

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