Who are we?

We are a group of creative people, whose work and experience are directed towards children’s needs and their comprehensive growth. We care about comfort of an informed and aware Parent. We have also long experience in educating children and youth. We know which skills we should concentrate on in order to let our children develop in the process of education. Our work is being supported by qualified pedagogues, psychologists, teachers, instructors of eurhythmics, dance, arts and physical education.

  How do we work?

The kindergarten is open from Monday to Friday from 06:00 am to 06:00 pm every day, except for bank holidays. The educational classes are carried out from 09:30 am to 12:30 pm every day. The additional classes take place throughout the day.


 Main Targets

Our main target in our job is the constant stimulation of a child’s development with insight into their individual needs, as well as to provide them with security and friendly atmosphere. We teach children tolerance, regard for diversity and gender equality. We want children to be equipped with competence enabling them to become successful youth and adults in their future lives at school and work.


Our Values

Regard, honesty, responsibility, peacefulness, justice, friendliness, solidarity, courage, love, beauty, wisdom, self-discipline. While teaching those values to children we remember about coherence between our declaration and action.


Kindergarten’s work organization

 Our Kindergarten is attended by children of 2,5 up to 6 years old. They are divided into groups regarding their age. The classes consider children’s individual pace of development.


Collection of children from kindergarten

To ensure the maximal protection, the collection of children from our kindergarten is possible only with a written permission of their parents/fosterers. The right forms should be filled in at the office. In the rare situation of staying of a child after 06:00 pm in the kindergarten, an additional fee will be taken.


Core Curriculum in kindergarten:

We work according to the kindergarten curriculum set by MEN (Ministry of Education). We cooperate with parents in upbringing and educating children. There are quite a few innovative authorial programs carried out in our kindergarten, for example: ,,Giraffe’s heart” – based on a non-violent communication by Marshall Rosenberg;  ,,Little creators – great explorers”; ,, A creative teacher” etc.

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